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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate (Full name: Emory Andrew Tate III) born on December 1, 1986 is a British-America socia media personality, businessman, mentor, and former professional kickboxer.He along with hi brothe Tristan Tate was born to Emory Tate in Washington, D.C. He stood 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m) and weigh 205 lb (93 kg).Tate was raised in the Christian faith but later identified as atheist.By early 2022, h identified as a Christian again.In October 2022, Tate said he converted to Islam after a vide of hi praying at a mosque in Dubai went viral.During his Martial arts career, he won 76 (out of 85 kickboxin records and 2 (out of 3).

How do Andrew Tate earn?

ASSESTS of Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate Arrested in 2022|2023 HERE!

Andrew Tate Arrested in 2015

Andrew Tate Arrested 2015


Long time before the investigation on him regarding human-trafficking charges, Andrew Tate was arrested on the charge of rape and sexual assault in the UK in 2015.

As said by the two women, this is where Tate sexually exploited and manipulated them.

One woman, pseudonym Sally had been strangled multiple times describing as "It was from when he choked me so hard that my blood vessels had literally just burst."

The second woman, pseudonym Helen, said Tate raped her and Sally saw it.Shortly after that they stopped working for Tate.

He was arrested long before he was this much famous.Vice World News spoke to two women who accused Tate of rape and sexual assault.According to the news, one of the women accused him of rape, while the other says she was strangled.


Police in Hertfordshire, England arrested Tate twice — Earlier on suspicion of assault and later on suspicion of rape. Luckily for Tate neither arrest resulted in charges.


In 2016 Tate was a contestant on the reality show "Big Brother".

After 5 days its producers were told about the allegations against him, and Tate was removed from the show.

As per the Both women the case had been mishandled by the prosecutors in the UK.

The CPS-Crown Prosecution Service decided not to charge Tate because it saw that the evidence did not meet the legal tests, and there was "no realistic prospect of a conviction."

Tate denied the women's claims saying that they "wanted money because I fired them."

According to Tate, the police "found messages from the girls' phones where they were talking between themselves and planning to lie about me".

The women remarked voice notes as the reference to whether to tell police alcohol was involved in the situation.

Hertfordshire Constabulary defended its approach to what it called a "complex and challenging case," saying it was fully investigated by a team dedicated to sexual offenses.

The case was closed in 2019.

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