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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate (Full name: Emory Andrew Tate III) born on December 1, 1986 is a British-America socia media personality, businessman, mentor, and former professional kickboxer.He along with hi brothe Tristan Tate was born to Emory Tate in Washington, D.C. He stood 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m) and weigh 205 lb (93 kg).Tate was raised in the Christian faith but later identified as atheist.By early 2022, h identified as a Christian again.In October 2022, Tate said he converted to Islam after a vide of hi praying at a mosque in Dubai went viral.During his Martial arts career, he won 76 (out of 85) kickboxin records and 2 (out of 3).

Businesses owned by Andrew Tate

➥ Hustlers University

andrew tate Hustlers University
  • ☛ Also known as 'The Real World'
  • ☛ Newest and most profitable businesses.
  • ☛ Member enrolled for university course: -Approx 180,000
  • ☛ Fee for each member: $49.99 per month
  • ☛ The total monthly revenue from The University roughly amounts to $ 9 Million.
  • ☛ The Real World teach their members about modern day wealth creation strategies.

    Some of the strategies include

  • ☛ Freelancing
  • ☛ Copywriting
  • ☛ Affiliate Marketing
  • ☛ eCommerce- Branded and non-branded
  • ☛ Trading
  • ☛ Long Term Investment
  • ☛ Business Management and mindset
  • ☛ Amazon FBA
  • ☛ Crypto
  • ☛ Stocks

➥ Casino Business

Casino Business
  • ☛ 15 different casinos all over the Romania are owned by Andrew Tate.
  • ☛ First this idea of Casino Business came to Tate while competing as a professional kickboxer. Today The casinos is a huge success
  • ☛ Total income generated from this business amounts to more than $12 million dollars per year.

➥ Tate's Only Fans Business

andrew tate fan business
  • ☛ The webcam business became too difficult to manage, so it evolved into an Only Fans business.
  • ☛ It generates hundreds of thousands of dollars to this day.
  • ☛ Monthly revenue from this business amounts to $200,000 per month.
  • ☛ The Tate brothers operates it with best webcam girls.

➥ The War Room of Andrew Tate

andrew tate Warroom
  • ☛ According to its official website "The War Room is the most powerful network of its kind, represented in over 80 countries."
  • ☛ The War Room is the only place of its kind where powerful men from all walks of life join together in a brotherhood committed to becoming better men.
  • ☛ The network is operated through Telegram channels.
  • ☛ Some members describe this network as the place to learn to be better at Making money, Networking, how to sell, understanding women, Style and fashion and to excel in life.
  • ☛ Number of members in the network: Approx 5,000
  • ☛ Charge for each member: $5454 (As of 18 March '23)
  • ☛ The total revenue earned from this network roughly amounts to $22 Million.

➥ Andrew Tate’s Webcam Business

andrew tate Webcam Business
  • ☛ Started in 2011.
  • ☛ The business that originally made him a millionaire.
  • ☛ At it's peak, the Tate brothers had over 70 models working for webcams, and the monthly profit was more than $500,000.
  • ☛ According to Andrew Tate, by 27 years old the webcam business made him a millionaire, and he was worth over $7 million.
  • ☛ He decided to scale down his webcam project so that he can focus on other, more profitable businesses.

➥ Andrew Tate’s Television Advertising Company

andrew tate tv advertise
  • ☛ Along with a former co-worker, Andrew Tate’s first real business journey was starting T2 television, a television advertising company.
  • ☛ Within just a few weeks, the company was earning money for them.
  • ☛ As per Andrew this business was basically a Ponzi scheme, an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors.
  • ☛ He certainly gained experience from this business.

➥ Online Courses

  • ☛ In his late 20s, for many years Andrew Tate started selling online courses on how to make money, how to get in shape, and how to have better relationships.

ASSESTS of Andrew Tate

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