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Human beings have long sought to comprehend and define attributes associated with the divine in various cultures and religions, to better comprehend its nature as well as provide believers a window into spiritual realm connections. We'll explore 100 such attributes of God from across various belief systems here to elucidate its diversity.

Hanuman Chalisa

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100 Attributes of God: Exploring the Divine Qualities

The Transcendent Attributes

  • 1. Omniscience: The All-Knowing Nature of God
  • 2. Omnipotence: The All-Powerful Aspect of God
  • 3. Omnipresence: The Ever-Present Essence of God
  • 4. Eternity: God's Timelessness and Infinity
  • 5. Immutability: The Unchanging Nature of God

The Moral Attributes

  • 6. Love: The Foundation of Divine Compassion
  • 7. Justice: God's Perfect and Fair Judgment
  • 8. Mercy: The Act of Granting Undeserved Forgiveness
  • 9. Grace: Unmerited Divine Favor
  • 10. Holiness: The Purity and Transcendence of God

The Creative Attributes

  • 11. Creator: God as the Source of All Existence
  • 12. Wisdom: Divine Insight and Intelligent Design
  • 13. Beauty: The Aesthetic Splendor of God's Creation
  • 14. Truth: God as the Ultimate Source of Absolute Truth
  • 15. Order: The Divine Harmony and Balance in the Universe

The Relational Attributes

  • 16. Fatherhood: God's Nurturing and Protective Role
  • 17. Friendship: God's Desire for a Personal Relationship
  • 18. Faithfulness: God's Unwavering Loyalty to His Promises
  • 19. Immanuel: God's Presence Among Humanity
  • 20. Comforter: God as the Source of Solace and Comfort

The Just Attributes

  • 21. Righteousness: God's Moral Perfection and Justice
  • 22. Wrath: The Righteous Anger Against Injustice
  • 23. Vengeance: God's Retribution Against Evil
  • 24. Holiness: God's Call to a Set-Apart Life
  • 25. Sovereignty: God's Supreme Authority and Control

The Providing Attributes

  • 26. Provider: God's Provision for Physical and Spiritual Needs
  • 27. Sustainer: God's Continual Support of His Creation
  • 28. Shepherd: God's Guidance and Care for His Flock
  • 29. Healer: God's Ability to Restore and Mend
  • 30. Nourisher: God's Sustenance for Body and Soul

The Communicative Attributes

  • 31. Word: God's Revelation Through Divine Communication
  • 32. Prophet: God's Use of Prophets to Convey Messages
  • 33. Light: God's Illumination of Truth and Knowledge
  • 34. Voice: God's Guidance Through Inner Convictions
  • 35. Silence: God's Profound Presence in Stillness

The Compassionate Attributes

  • 36. Comforter: God's Comfort in Times of Sorrow
  • 37. Fatherhood: God's Tender Love and Care
  • 38. Patience: God's Endurance Amidst Human Struggles
  • 39. Forgiveness: God's Pardon and Cleansing
  • 40. Redeemer: God's Act of Redemption and Salvation

The Infinite Attributes

  • 41. Infinity: God's Limitless and Boundless Nature
  • 42. Incomprehensibility: The Unfathomable Depth of God
  • 43. Ineffability: God's Beyond-Description Glory
  • 44. Transcendence: God's Existence Beyond the Material Realm
  • 45. Perfection: God's Unblemished and Flawless State

The Gracious Attributes

  • 46. Compassion: God's Tender Heart Toward Humanity
  • 47. Generosity: God's Abundance and Giving Nature
  • 48. Goodness: The Inherent Goodness of God's Character
  • 49. Loving-Kindness: God's Affectionate and Benevolent Love
  • 50. Longsuffering: God's Patient Endurance and Tolerance

The Unchanging Attributes

  • 51. Immutability: God's Consistency and Unchanging Nature
  • 52. Faithfulness: God's Steadfastness Throughout Ages
  • 53. Reliability: God's Trustworthiness and Dependability
  • 54. Timelessness: God's Existence Beyond the Constraints of Time
  • 55. Solid Rock: God as the Unshakable Foundation

The Personal Attributes

  • 56. Personal: God's Desire for Intimate Relationship
  • 57. Intimacy: God's Call to Know and Be Known
  • 58. Father: God's Role as a Loving and Caring Father
  • 59. Friend: God's Relational Approach to Humanity
  • 60. Shepherd: God's Guidance and Protection

The Compassionate Attributes

  • 61. Compassion: God's Deep Sympathy and Empathy
  • 62. Love: God's Profound Affection and Care
  • 63. Comfort: God's Source of Peace and Solace
  • 64. Healing: God's Ability to Mend the Broken
  • 65. Understanding: God's Perfect Grasp of Human Experience

The Majestic Attributes

  • 66. Majesty: God's Supreme Grandeur and Splendor
  • 67. Glory: The Radiance and Magnificence of God
  • 68. Power: God's Unrivaled Strength and Authority
  • 69. Awe: The Reverence Evoked by God's Greatness
  • 70. Holiness: God's Absolute Purity and Sanctity

The Guiding Attributes

  • 71. Wisdom: God's Supreme Knowledge and Insight
  • 72. Counselor: God's Divine Guidance and Wisdom
  • 73. Teacher: God's Role as the Ultimate Instructor
  • 74. Waymaker: God's Ability to Illuminate the Path
  • 75. Truth: God as the Source of Absolute Truth

The Creative Attributes

  • 76. Creator: God's Ingenious Design and Creation
  • 77. Innovator: God's Continuous Unfolding of Creation
  • 78. Artist: God's Creative Expression Through Nature
  • 79. Architect: God's Design and Blueprint for the Universe
  • 80. Author: God's Authorship of the Story of Life

The Just Attributes

  • 81. Justice: God's Impeccable Moral Righteousness
  • 82. Fairness: God's Equitable Treatment of All Beings
  • 83. Righteous Judge: God's Role in Dispensing Justice
  • 84. Equity: God's Balance and Impartiality
  • 85. Holiness: God's Call to Live a Holy Life

The Loving Attributes

  • 86. Love: The Core of God's Character and Essence
  • 87. Unconditional Love: God's Love Beyond Conditions
  • 88. Agape: God's Selfless and Sacrificial Love
  • 89. Endless Love: God's Love That Knows No Bounds
  • 90. Everlasting Love: God's Love Throughout Eternity

The Sovereign Attributes

  • 91. Sovereignty: God's Supreme Rule and Authority
  • 92. Dominion: God's Lordship Over All Creation
  • 93. Reign: God's Unending and Eternal Kingship
  • 94. Supreme Ruler: God's Ultimate Authority and Rule
  • 95. King of Kings: God's Position as the Highest Monarch

The Protecting Attributes

  • 96. Protector: God's Shielding and Guardian Role
  • 97. Refuge: God as the Safe Haven in Times of Trouble
  • 98. Fortress: God's Strength and Defense Against Harm
  • 99. Deliverer: God's Act of Rescuing and Setting Free
  • 100. Defender: God's Role in Safeguarding His Believers


1. Do different religions view God with different attributes?

Religions tend to focus on specific characteristics for their god; yet many attributes found across cultures make up His divine essence.

2. Do these characteristics draw from religious texts or teachings across religions?

Many of the attributes are drawn directly from sacred texts and teachings across multiple religious systems.

3. How Can I Implement These Attributes in My Daily Life?

Reflection can spark qualities like compassion, love and wisdom within you that you may want to bring into everyday interactions with people.

4. Are these attributes fixed or can they change over time?

While core attributes will always remain constant, interpretations and personal interpretations may shift over time.

5. Where can I learn more about God and His attributes?

For more insight, you could take advantage of religious texts, teachings and discussions with spiritual leaders in order to increase your knowledge about his attributes.


Understanding these 100 attributes of God gives us insight into His vast nature. Each trait reminds us of His limitless love, wisdom and power for humanity - as believers these understandings deepen spiritual bonds while leading our journeys more efficiently through life's path.

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